What Is The Right Leather and Wooden Veneer For My Eames Lounge Chair?

The great thing about our classic Eames Lounge chair replicas is that they are fully customizable. Firstly, they come in six different colors. Once you choose the color that best fits your interior design needs, you have the option of individualizing your chair further with your choice of shell in terms of the wood and leather. There are three qualities of leather for you to choose form: basic, Italian and aniline leather. The wooden veneers come in two varieties: Palisander and walnut wood.

The combination you choose ultimately comes from your own subjectivity as to what fits your space best or what you feel compliments the Eames Lounge Chair replica best. It is important to know, however, what distinguishes the varieties of each material. Basic leather denotes the finest Euro-style Eco Leather (composed of vinyl). This leather is not only eco-friendly, it’s also budget-friendly as well, as this leather is sold as part of our least costly chair. The more expensive Italian leather is a genuine leather, made up of larger full-grains. These specimens are garnered from raw hides, eliminating the need to undergo sanding to be rid of imperfections.

The last and certainly not least type of leather is aniline leather. This high quality leather has been treated with aniline dye to enhance the softness and texture of the leather. Aniline renders not only a softer construction but creates more breathability for the leather, which in turn allows to it to withstand both cold and warm temperatures without losing its shape. Aniline leather is also the most shiny type of leather, with a shine that makes a newly-polished show pair in comparison.

Finally, for the wooden veneers, Palisander and walnut have noticeably different colors and linear (the black lines on the wood) designs. Palisander comes in a more rosy, red-brown color and is noted for its delightful smell. Palisander wood is the darker of the two and is a heavy wood, hardened for durability. Walnut wood is the lighter choice, with a grey-brown, beige-like hue. Walnut wood is versatile and varied. It also slightly mimics the color of a walnut, hence its name.

Whether you’re going for the rustic look, or urban-chic, choose your veneers and leather quality wisely. The Eames Lounge chair replica is a major investment and since it is meant to last for years and years, choose the leather-veneer combination that you would love to see most every day. Happy shopping!