Why Should I Buy A Eames Lounge Chair Replica

Ah, the classic lounge chair and ottoman. When the internet is not abuzz with talks about the coveted Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman in forums and the like, we duly pay our respect. We’ve explained the history of this classic lounge chair, what to look for when buying one and more. But perhaps the greatest thing drifting your mind is why you should buy our reproduction of this beautiful chair and ottoman set. Our Eames lounge replica is not merely one of the countless reproductions of this chair you’d find online or elsewhere. Our chair has all the properties of the original Eames Lounge chair, or the Vitra-style chair. But besides our first-rate quality of the chair’s composition and loyalty to the original, there are several other reasons that will make your indoor space plead to have this chair adorning it.

Here’s why:
It is both decorative and functional. In this small space, there’s no need to bend over backwards in contemplating what other piece of furniture to fit into this living room. The lounge chair and ottoman provide both comfort and style without requiring much room.

It is the perfect ingredient to spice up your room with a futuristic flair. For example, next to a standard couch and wooden chairs, it looks like a mix between a car seat or a seat found in a spaceship. The ottoman makes the body seem much longer from the front. It is masculine yet unisex, and a very futuristic addition.

It is a staple of midcentury modern furniture, perfect for any fan of the design movement. The Eames Lounge chair is the best addition to a room with other midcentury furniture pieces like the Arco lamp, Barcelona chair, loft sofas, Noguchi table, etc. If you don’t own midcentury furniture, the Eames Lounge Chair is a great start to the collection.

When placed in front of a bookshelf or beside a computer desk, the Eames chair is never at odds. It only accentuates the look of the office. The Eames lounge chair is a worthy companion for a home or work office. The lounge chair and ottoman itself will improve the look of an otherwise boring office space.

What other way is there to take in the view from a window than with the utmost comfort? The Eames Lounge Chair allows you to kick back and relax, embracing your body with top-notch leather and super soft memory foam. There’s no other furniture that is better for watching the view.