The Matching Environment for the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman Replica

Ah, the Eames Lounge Reproduction, an embodiment of Americana and of mid-century modern ingenuity. When deciding your purchase for this classic lounge chair and ottoman, or any piece of furniture for that matter, a huge factor your decision relies upon is not just the look of the piece itself, but how it will look like in your indoor space. The Eames Lounge reproduction, our Vitra replica to be exact, can enhance the look of virtually any room. It is said that seeing is believing, so below is an assemblage of stunning photos of the Eames Lounge reproduction in various places. These visuals are not just easy on the eyes, but can help you determine how to design your personal space, or how to style it with the Eames Lounge reproduction.

Here the Eames Lounge reproduction stands within its roots, at the house of its masterminds: Charles and Ray Eames. Once emptied for a relocation to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, a 2011 preservation effort has returned the content of the Eames living room back to their home. Now the Eames House itself is a museum open to the public for viewing. Though the Eames lounge chair & ottoman is associated with urban modernism, the Eames living room shows how well it blends with natural elements such as the multitude of greenery in the living room. The large bookshelves are not only topped with books, but are dedicated to art and accessories in the entire middle section, which is filled with decorative containers. Hanging lantern-style lights also give this room a unique edge.

It’s only one lounge chair, but in this area of the presumed bedroom, the Eames Lounge reproduction is the clear star. This room goes to show that the Eames lounge chair and ottoman can fit in even in a colorful space. The green wall and orange-framed windows match perfectly with the green cushions and wooden ledge. More colors appear in loopy shapes on the rug, but they are in other pieces in the room; the pink is also in the book placed atop the transparent Eileen Grey Side Table to the right of the Emaes Lounge replica. There’s also a fair amount of whiteness in the room with the white floor lamp, desk, vases, throw pillow and the other Eames chair replica in the room: the Woodleg Dining Side Chair. The whites and colors delicately balance each other out, while the Eames Lounge chair immediately draws in attention.

The Eames Lounge reproduction does not necessitate a room per se, it sits perfectly in the entryway of a home, or a place between two rooms. But this space is no ordinary entryway. It is embellished with large wall art and various statues, some of which are on plinths, giving off the vibe of a museum. Despite this beautiful art interspersed in this indoor space, the center of attention is once again the Eames lounge reproduction. The walnut veneer compliments the light wooden floors, stairs and window frames. The closer walls are white, but the paintings imbue them with color and art, a picture is worth a thousand words after all. The statues are humanoid and those of animals, which intermix and create a thematic effect on the room. There is nothing that will make your personal space more attractive than a museum flair, which can be achieved by raising the amount of artistic pieces, but there is only one piece of furniture that can stand out from the rest in a monument-esque way and that is the Eames lounge chair replica.