Eames Style Lounge Chair Shines in These Iconic Interiors

Dozens of stunning homes all across the world have an Eames lounge chair and ottoman. One can find this mid-century modern design in the primary suite, great room, library, home office or practically any other space. Few pieces of furniture are as iconic and enduring as the Eames lounger. In conversation with Amy Auscherman from Herman Miller Furniture Company in an article for House Beautiful, Hadley Keller explains. Ausherman tells Keller that "'the chair draws inspiration from a classic English Club Chair, which makes it familiar.'" However, the Eames chair was also "'a technological innovation that redefined beauty.'" Intended to look like a baseman's mitt, the Eames chair is beautifully crafted, incredibly comfortable and slightly nostalgic. Its design is also very versatile -- at home in contemporary, antique and mid-century modern interiors. Designed by Charles and Ray Eames, the lounge chair was originally made from molded plywood, walnut veneer, aluminum and black full aniline Italian leather. Today, shoppers can find authentic Herman Miller Eames chairs through luxury resale sites. One can also find Eames lounge chair replicas made from high-quality materials online and in stores. For example, you can find an Eames style lounge chair through sites like The Iconic Chair. From homes of interior designers like Michael Tomei to those of architects like Frank Gehry, enjoy ten iconic interiors featuring the Eames lounge chair.

10 Iconic Interiors Featuring the Eames Style Lounge Chair or Eames Chair Replica

'the chair draws inspiration from a classic English Club Chair, which makes it familiar, 'a technological innovation that redefined beauty,

Below are ten interiors featuring this icon of American design. Note that some of the interiors pictured below might feature an Eames chair replica rather than the real thing. Some homeowners and designers explicitly state that their chair is an original from Herman Miller. Unless the home is from a period before replicas -- or the owner makes an explicit statement -- we cannot say with complete certainty.

Many shop for a replica when they want the comfort and style of the original design but worry kids or pets will damage it. Others know that vintage Eames chairs can be fragile and might require restoration or other care. After all, certain features -- like the rubber shock mounts used in original Eames chairs -- wear down rather quickly.

Some shoppers hope to avoid spending too much money on an original Eames chair. Regardless, shoppers are satisfied with the exceptional craftsmanship, durable construction and price range of carefully-made Eames lounge chair replicas.


#1 The Eames House or Case Study House #8

The Eames House or Case Study House

Of course, the first home on our list of iconic interiors featuring the Eames lounge chair is one designed by Ray and Charles Eames. The Eames House is one of two dozen Case Study houses built in California as part of an affordable housing experiment.

Commissioned by Arts & Architecture editor John Entenza, the Case Study houses were to use innovative materials and modern techniques. Charles and Ray Eames designed Case Study House #8 in the early 1940s based on existing designs by two other iconic architects. They broke ground in early 1949 and completed their home before Christmas Day that year.

The Pacific Palisades home and working studio was inspired by De Stijl. For those unfamiliar, De Stijl was an early 20th century Dutch art and architectural movement hallmarked by geometry, abstraction and bold primary colors. Devanshi Shah writes in an article for Architectural Digest that #8 was intended "'for a married couple working in design and graphic arts.'” That certainly sounds like the Eames to us!

The home perfectly matched the Eames' lifestyle and housed much of their work. Preserved by the Eames Foundation, the Eames House and several other Case Study Houses sit on the National Register of Historic Places. It boasts many pieces crafted by the couple -- including an original Herman Miller Eames lounge chair. This particular chair was upholstered in black leather and clad with walnut veneer.

In the photo posted by @sesrock on Instagram, you can see the couple seated next to a sectional in their living room. Pictured in the lower right corner are an original Eames lounge chair and ottoman.



#2 The Home of Interior Decorator Isabel López-Quesada

The Home of Interior Decorator Isabel López-Quesada

Though this comfortable chair is an American design, the Eames lounge chair can be found in interiors all over the globe. Featured in her book At Home: Isabel López-Quesada, Spanish interior decorator recently posted a photo of her home's study to Instagram. The photo was taken by Argentine photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna, who specializes in residential architecture and interiors.

As the description of López-Quesada's book intimates, her magical home in Madrid was once a wax factory. It appears that López-Quesada chose either white ash or oak for the wooden frame of the Eames lounge chair and ottoman in her library. As for upholstery on the armrests, seat and back, she opted for white all grain, pearl MCL or lotus prone leather. This provides a lighter and brighter color palette than the chair's original black leather.


#3 Stahl House or Case Study House #22

Stahl House or Case Study House #22

Another iconic mid-century modern home featured on this list is Stahl House. Pictured above are photos of Case Study House #22 posted by @j.vanampting on Instagram.

Designed by American architect and professor Pierre Koenig, Stahl House is one of California's most photographed Case Study houses. As this resource from digital archive USModernist describes, Koenig "was known for exposed steel-and-glass buildings" like Stahl House.

Most of our readers are probably familiar with the home, given its appearance in popular movies like Playing by Heart and Corinna, Corinna. Today, Case Study #22 is open to the public. Its interior -- which includes an Eames lounge chair -- was staged by Design Within Reach.


#4 Moore House

Moore House

Fourth on our list is Moore House -- a restored mid-century modern home originally built in the 1960s. Photographed by Joe Fletcher and featured in Dezeen, this home's primary bedroom can be seen above in an Instagram post from @back_to_the_furniture.

Designed by LA architect Craig Ellwood and restored by Woods + Dangaran, the home boasts sharp lines, enormous windows and an expansive outdoor space. The primary bedroom includes an Eames lounge chair and gorgeous views of the property. Read more about the home's restoration in this article from Dwell.


#5 Mel Elias' Home

#5 Mel Elias' Home

Another home to include a dark-toned Eames lounger is that of Mel Elias -- a composer, lawyer and CEO of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Bathing in light from floor-to-ceiling windows, this chair sits just opposite a stunning set of built-ins.

Above is an image of Mel Elias' library, which was photographed by Manolo Langis and posted to Instagram by @dubaiaudio. This home was also the subject of a Dwell feature.


#6 The Regentview Residence by Laura U Design Collective

#6 The Regentview Residence by Laura U Design Collective

Sixth on our list is a white leather Eames lounge chair in the primary bedroom of a remodeled Houston home. Award-winning interior designer Laura Umansky remodeled Regentview alongside Frankel Building Group. Laura U Design Collective appropriately placed this chair next to a grasshopper lamp designed by Greta Grossman in the 1950s.

Sat beside a beautiful marble fireplace and Caprice Pierrucci sculpture, this Eames chair creates a cozy reading nook for even the coldest days. Photographed by Kerry Kirk and posted by @lauraudesigncollective, this space is a stunning example of a contemporary take on mid-century modern design. Learn more about LUDC's Regentview project here.


#7 A Parisian Sitting Room by Veronique Cotrel

#7 A Parisian Sitting Room by Veronique Cotrel

Seventh on our list is a Parisian sitting room transformed by French interior designer Veronique Cotrel. The designer posted a photo of this space to her Instagram @verocotrel. For the walls of this space -- which boast beautiful millwork -- Cotrel chose Farrow & Ball's Stiffkey Blue paint.

Touches of teal, citrine, brass, sky blue and burgundy add to the richness of this Parisian interior. An Eames lounge chair is perfectly at home opposite a bookshelf and floor lamp.


#8 Frank Gehry's Spiller House

#8 Frank Gehry's Spiller House

California was home to Ray and Charles Eames. As such, it makes sense that so many interiors on this list are from the Golden State. Posted by @frankgehry_ on Instagram is a photograph of Spiller House.

The light-filled home was designed by architect Frank Gehry in Venice, CA back in 1980. Its living room features skylights and a black leather Eames lounge chair!


#9 Yves Saint Laurent's Home at 3 place Vauban

#9 Yves Saint Laurent's Home at 3 place Vauban

The Eames lounge chair was a favorite of fashion designers like Yves Saint Laurent -- as one can see in this photo posted by @objet_la_ny. Pictured above is the iconic designer lounging in the living room of 3 place Vauban -- a Paris apartment he shared with partner Pierre Bergé. The pair lived at 3 place Vauban in the 1960s, but would later move to the heavily photographed 55 rue de Babylone.


#10 Michael Tomei Residence

#10 Michael Tomei Residence

There are likely thousands of other interiors featuring this comfortable chair. However, we finish our list with the home of New York interior designer Michael Tomei. Photos of the home were posted on the designer's Instagram @michael_tomei and featured in Architectural Digest.

Found in the designer's New York City apartment, this space boasts rich, soothing tones, graphic lines and an intriguing gallery wall. We love the reddish-brown tone of the leather upholstery on Tomei's Eames chair. It certainly suits the space.



Love the Idea of an Eames Lounge Chair?

Iconic Eames Replica

You respect the chair's history, admire its classic silhouette and adore its incredibly comfortable design. However, resale prices for an original Herman Miller chair might be a bit beyond your budget. As Pamela Wiggins writes in an article for The Spruce, "vintage loungers often sell...between $4,800 and $7,200."

Depending on the condition and color palette, some original loungers sell for even more. For comparable quality and a far lower price range, consider an Eames lounge replica. Shop Eames lounge chair replicas online through retailers like The Iconic Chair.