Eames Style Chairs On The Big Screen: Five Memorable Scenes

Having been a staple of homes and offices around the world for over sixty years, it should be no surprise that the Eames style lounge chair has featured prominently in films and TV shows. The style and charm of the chair is a symbol of sophistication and some of the most iconic cinematic moments that feature this unique item of furniture include:

"Iron Man" (2008): Tony Stark's Modern Marvel

The 2008 blockbuster hit, Iron Man, saw Robert Downey Jr. play the charismatic Tony Stark. When he wasn’t out saving the world, the character would often be seen relaxing in his Malibu mansion, where his chair of choice was the Eames lounge chair!

The sleek and ultra-modern interior of his workspace saw the chair feature prominently, becoming a symbol of his wealth and appreciation for design.

"Interstellar" (2014): Space-age Elegance

Christopher Nolan's epic space odyssey Interstellar takes audiences on a visually stunning journey through the cosmos. In the film, the Eames lounge chair makes a somewhat surprising appearance aboard the spaceship Endurance.

Placed in this futuristic and sterile environment, the chair provides a moment of warmth and familiarity. However, this unexpected use of the Eames style chair also underscores its timeless design and comfort.

“Gossip Girl" (TV Series): Upper East Side Chic

The Eames Style Chair also made its mark in the glamorous world of Gossip Girl. Revolving around the lives of Manhattan’s elite, the TV series saw the chair feature prominently in several scenes based in the chic apartments and offices of the characters.

The use of the Eames lounge chair helps to add a touch of sophistication, blending in seamlessly with the Upper East Side aesthetic and cementing its position as a luxurious item of furniture.

"Click" (2006): A Pause for Reflection

In the Adam Sandler comedy Click, the Eames Style Chair takes on a more contemplative role. As Sandler's character Michael Newman grapples with the consequences of his magical remote control that controls the world around him, he relaxes into his chair to contemplate the unique power he has.

The Eames lounge chair becomes somewhat of a visual anchor in those scenes where Michael contemplates the various choices he's made, emphasizing the chair's ability to not only provide physical comfort but also emotional support.

"House, M.D." (TV Series): Diagnostic Comfort

The iconic Eames lounge chair also makes several appearances in the highly popular TV series, House, M.D. Typically, it will appear in Dr. Gregory House’s medical office, with Hugh Laurie relaxing back in the chair to consider the patient’s symptoms and unravel the medical mysteries that they are facing.

In a show known for its sharp wit and complex characters, the Eames style chair adds a touch of classic comfort to the often intense and sometimes unpredictable world of the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

Ready to make your own movie moments?

The Eames lounge chair is more than just another item of furniture; it’s become a symbol of sophistication, elegance, and status. From futuristic worlds of superheroes to high-powered offices, the chair makes a clear mark on the big and small screen alike.

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